Victorian Tiled Floor Cleaning Tranent

Victorian Tile Floor Cleaning Tranent

This was a job for Customer in Tranent, they had Just had some decorating completed and wanted to complete the look, by having the hall floor Restored to its former glory. As you see from the video the floor was rather dull from builders dust and the likes.

Victorian tile floor cleaning is a specialty of ours and as you can see from the video we get GREAT results and give your floors the WOW factor again.

Victorian Tiled Floor Cleaning Tranent

When the relevant solutions are applied to the floor, they are worked into the surface by using rotary cleaners. We then let the solution dwell for a short period of time. Once the dwell time has been achieved, the floor is then washed with our powerful fresh water van mounted extractor systems to ensure that all old sealers, dirt and other contaminants are removed from the tile or stone surface. The surface is washed over a few times to ensure that the floor is completely neutralised and free of any soiling. Once the floor is dry the appropriated sealers are applied, the sealers range from impregnating sealers which will not affect the look of the tile or stone, to matt, satin or high solid gloss finishes. Floorcare Restorations will give you advice on the most appropriate sealer to use for maximum effect on your tile or stone floor.

Floorcare Restorations Advice on cost effective maintenance programmes and products to enhance and maximize your Victorian tiled Floor’s life are available on request.

Floorcare Restorations pride ourselves on the many professional services that we provide for our loyal customer base and for customers using us for the very first time. Our main services include the cleaning, restoration and sealing of all tile and natural stone floors and surfaces.