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Travertine Stone Tile Restoration - Cleaning and Sealing

Travertine to be considered by many to be one of the most popular choices for stone floors.  However, due to the structure of the stone it’s vitally important to restore and maintain the stone correctly by employing a reputable company with the knowledge and experience to perform a careful and considerate Travertine floor cleaning and sealing service to greatly enhance the look and durability of any room or property, commercial or domestic.

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Your Travertine Floor: It Doesn’t Last Forever?

You put a tremendous amount of time in contemplation and finally you made the decision to go natural. Maybe it was the touch, the look or how it made you feel. Once installed, your Travertine floor looked wonderful; lustrous shine, depth of reflection and smooth to the touch and so pristine. Life was good. And then it began!

Worn patterns, stains and scratches emerged. Grout lines turned dark. And what was once a focal point of the home, has now become an eye sore and Dull.


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How Did This Happen?

When people think about travertine stone they assume that no care or maintenance is required. Travertine Floors ignored or the stone is cleaned with the wrong method or chemical. Because of misinformation or no education, the consumer is not in a good position to maintain their new stone; consequently, damage to the stones crystals sets in. The damaged crystals prevent light from being reflected evenly thereby giving you a dull look.

We Can Help Fix your Marble or Travertine Floor?

Floorcare Restorations possess the expertise and tools necessary to polish your natural stone. We have the top of line travertine cleaning equipment and only use the highest quality of diamond abrasives. What this does is allow us to finish the job with the highest quality possible. Regardless of the type of stone, or the condition we can help.


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