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Looking for Floor sandning in Edinburgh?

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Looking for Floor sanding in Edinburgh?

For Floor sanding Edinburgh Floorcare Restorations have experience of commercial and domestic floor sanding in Edinburgh.

Dustless floor sanding process:

We carry out an overall sanding with a coarse-grade paper. This will remove any old finishes as well as dents and pits in the wood surface.

Sanding with a various-grade of paper. Where most use 3 grades depending on the finish required we use 5

A very fine-textured sand paper removes the tiniest of imperfections, leaving a smooth, silky surface.

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Floor sanding Howe Street Edinburgh

Professional Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh

Hotel Bar Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh

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Commercial Floor Sanding Edinburgh?

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Floor Sanding Edinburgh


Other Services.

Its not just wooden Floor we sand in Edinburgh.

  • Victorian tile floors Restored.
  • Marble floors
  • Flagstone floors
  • Terracotta Floors
  • Terrazzo Floors
  • Cleaned Restored maintained
  • Commercial and Domestic Floors 

Other Floor types we restore…


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Wood floor sanding and oiling Edinburgh

oiled wood floor sanding edinburgh

Are you looking for Wood floor sanding and oiling Edinburgh Area?

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Wood floor sanding and oiling Edinburgh is a great way of making sure that your wood is protected.

Oil for wood flooring comes in various forms but at the same time looks natural.  A highly popular as well as effective way of treating wood floors, oils effectively penetrate into the wood and in some cases harden into the surface of the floor to stop damage and to maintain the wood in its optimum condition.

If you’ve decided that you want a natural looking wooden floor that is lacquer-free, then the likelihood is that you’ve chosen oil as your way of protecting your wood and making your floor look great at the same time.

Over time a floor can start to look old and Wood floor sanding and oiling Edinburgh floor can bring back that fresh natural look whilst making the product extremely hard wearing.

We are forever getting asked how often you should Wood floor sanding and oiling Edinburgh wood floors, however there is no correct answer to this question. Personal preference of many wood floor owners will say they like the character that an old floor brings, whereas other customers prefer a floor that constantly looks fresh and new.

As a basic guideline we recommend you Wood floor sanding and oiling your floor roughly every 2 – 3 years, although some floors can start to look dry and old a lot quicker than others, depending on foot traffic and how often it is cleaned.

Commercial Wood floor sanding and oiling Edinburgh

oiled wood floor sanding edinburgh

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Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh

Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh

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Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh - Before sanding
Wooden FLoor Sanding Edinburgh
Wooden Floors Sanding Edinburgh
Wooden Floor Sanding Edinburgh stage 1
Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh Stage 1
Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh Pall-x325
Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh stage 2
Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh Before/After

Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh


Here’s a example of our professional Wood floor Sanding services in Moat Street Edinburgh. This wood floor has layers of patchy old sealers. The floor had become ingrained with soils and greases from worn in patches.


Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh "Sealing" Although the seals will take up to 24 hours for the seals cure

In this case our specification from the Architects was for a mat low shine finish as you can see in the video.

I’m sure you’ll agree, looked absolutely wonderful! And gave the floor the WOW Factor back.

Why Wood Floor Sanding Edinburgh From Floorcare Restorations


Every Wood Floor Sanding job we work on is quoted face to face and we will never just estimate a price over the phone - you should make sure the Wood Floor it is examined before it is priced for and a Test patch done if need be.

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Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning Edinburgh

Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning Edinburgh

Are you Looking for Commercial Wood Floor Cleaning Edinburgh?

You have come to the right place.

Renew? No let us Restore Commercial Wood floor cleaning Edinburgh at Floorcare Restorations we are Commercial wood floor cleaning Specialists in Edinburgh.

  • Commercial wood floor cleaning Edinburgh PUBS
  • Commercial wood floor cleaning Edinburgh Restaurants
  • Commercial wood floor cleaning Edinburgh Hotels
  • Commercial wood floor cleaning Edinburgh Community Halls

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At Floorcare Restorations Our Floor Sanding Services Team are specialists in restoration your wood flooring by the process of sanding your wooden floor to restore it to its former glory.

Floorcare Restoration experts will provide a service that is not only efficient in the time that it takes to complete the work but also the level of work that we provide. The machinery that are used within on a daily basis are used by all professional sanding experts to give the best finishes in restoring your wooden floor.

Look out for the update our gallery on a regular basis providing for the new sanding projects that we are working on……..COMING SOON